About Us

We are a couple of kiwis who have spent the last 8 years living in Melbourne. In 2011 we hired a 4wd and tripped from Adelaide up to Darwin. We were hooked, the variety of Australian landscapes, the freedom of living on the road, and the versatility of 4wd. Generally we love travelling and exploring new landscapes, countries and cultures.

Estelle 512 Square


Role: The ideas woman
Enjoys: exploring new places, sound of rain on the roof / tent, napping (some may call it Siesta time), documentaries (partial to a good episode on railroads)
Doesn't go without: three meals a day (otherwise she gets cranky)
Weakness: Chippies
Natural Habitat:  In front of any and all information signs, reading away, and invariably repeating it all back to Marcel.


Role: All round practical handyman and mechanical engineer
Enjoys: Tramping (not what some of you may think - kiwi term for hiking), scuba diving, craft beers
Doesn't go without: daily coffee
Weakness: Goes along with Estelle's crazy ideas
Natural Habitat: working on his latest project (whatever and wherever that may be - check out our rig)

Marcel 512 Square